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Taking the step towards positive change can be both simple and transformative. Prioritizing your individual story and understanding the root of your struggle and pain is essential in my approach - there's no one-size-fits-all in therapy. The journey of healing not only reshapes our perspective but rekindles the joy we've been seeking. It is my goal to reignite that joy within you.

I recognize that reaching out to a therapist might feel daunting. Yet, taking this step could pave the way for you to start living your best life. The highlight of my career is acting as a catalyst, helping clients realize their potential and desired life. I am committed to equipping you with practical and applicable tools, ensuring that your transformation is both efficient and lasting. My clients often find results sooner rather than later, empowered by the tailored strategies I provide.

To give you a glimpse into my background: I obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree in Addiction Counseling and Prevention from the University of South Dakota in 2006. I later earned a Master of Social Work Degree from the same institution in 2012. With experience spanning across children and families, patients with chronic ailments, and those grappling with addiction. I am a licensed certified social worker in South Dakota.

I warmly welcome the opportunity and privilege to journey to positive change alongside you.

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