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I received my Master of Counseling & Human Development degree from South Dakota State University and my Master of Social Work degree from the other “South Dakota” college. I have 20+ years of experience working in the school, inpatient, and outpatient settings. Most recently I’ve worked in the EAP arena assisting clients engage in short-term problem resolution. This opportunity also provided me the means to conduct crisis intervention sessions with groups/individuals who have experienced a trauma.
Over the years my clientele has consisted of individuals, couples, groups, and families. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. I come from a very eclectic background utilizing a number of different approaches to psychotherapy. I feel that having a broad range of skills is helpful meeting individual needs.
I strive to make my clients feel comfortable and understood. I work not solely to validate concerns but also to develop goals and actions plans to resolve current distress. It’s important to give my clients the skills and confidence to resolve issues and move forward with a healthier attitude and look on life. I’m passionate in helping individuals work through depression, anxiety, trauma, marital/relationship issues, performance issues, behavioral improvement, self-esteem, and grief. I also have a history of working with individuals diagnosed with personality disorders to improve coping skills and problem-solving strategies.
I look forward to meeting you and creating goals of what you would like to achieve. I’m excited for our journey to start!

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